We hope that you are satisfied with your “Brush4hair” product(s). However, if you are not completely satisfied or your item has been damaged in any way, you may return or exchange your product(s) by following the next steps :

1.    Any request for exchanging or returning items must be done within 7 days of its reception.

2.    Send an email to : explaining the  problem; include your item reference code and invoice number.

3.    Any return or exchange items must be previously authorized by “Brush4hair,com” and have our e-mail with our approval after we have checked your item problem.

4.    Brush4hair will not accept any RETURN or EXCHANGE items without a properly justifiable reason.

5.    If your return item request is due to your own shopping process mistake, the packaging of each individual product must be in perfect condition, unopened and without any evidence of handling or usage or damage caused by the customer.

6.    If your return item request is due to any defect in the product, “” will apply the guarantee of quality that every item has from manufacturers.

7.    As soon as you have our authorization e-mail to proceed with the item exchange or return, return the product to us along with the copy invoice by “Post Parcel” addressed to :
Brush4hair / Tri.Pel, s.l.
65. Camprodón Str.
17240 Llagostera
Girona (Spain).

8.    “” will not accept any charges for the return delivery costs if the reason is due to your own shopping mistakes or exchange wishes.

9.    Exchanges for DEFECTIVE items and our own “” MISTAKES only, will be made without any additional cost to you, replacing items as quickly as possible.

For any further information on the above terms, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at :