OVAL Cork / Extensions

OVAL Cork / Extensions

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  • Length: 245 mm. (9,64 in.)
  • Width: 70 mm. (2,75 in.)
  • bristles lenght: 20 mm. (0,78 in.)

Oval cushion brush in wooden handle and special double bristles, a 100% pure soft bristles with a white nylon pin each, specially designed for hair extension brushig without damaging the extensions unions.

More details

MAY BE THE BEST BRISTLE !. The special double bristle "PBS" is made with a black 100% pure soft boar bristles and a white soft nylon pin. Designed by Regincós for Hair extensions use, the white soft pin brush the hair without damaging the extensions unions. Very recomended too for all kind of hair and length.

Oval wooden brushes are hand crafted made in Mahogany hardwood from non endangered forest, treated with natural products to get its brown natural color.