Cork 600 Mini

Cork 600 Mini

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  • Total dia: 30 mm. (1,18 in.)
  • Wooden body: 12,5 mm. (0,49 in.)
  • Bristles rows: 8.
  • Bristle lenght: 9 mm. (0,35 in.)

The smaller size brush of our Cork collection. Great for pixies, pompadours, very short hair lines and very short neck lines. Also for men´s use.

More details

"Regincós" CORK series "normal styles", are available in 7 different diameters for the best professional use on any length of hair.

The "Cork Grip System" developed by "Regincós" in 1987 offers the best total control. The non-slip grip is one of the most relevant innovations in the world brush market.

Cork is a natural raw matterial, soft and comfortable to the touch, offering an excellent non-slip grip, static free, an isulator and highly resistant to chemicals.

Cork brushes are semi-hand made using hardwood from non endangered forest treated with natural products to get its brown "mahagony" color. Bristles used are 100% pure boar / first cut, reinforced with carbon-nylon filaments, heat resistant, protecting the hair and scalp.