e.Cork 870 black / Large

e.Cork 860 black / Large

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  • Total dia: 65 mm. (2,56 in.)
  • Wooden body: 26 mm. (1,03 in.)
  • Bristles rows: 20.
  • Bristle lenght: 19 mm. (0,75 in.)

New extra large cork grip in 2 cork colors for a better control and comfort.

For volume, ideal for the crown of the head and medium to long hair. The perfect brush size for the "perfect Blowout" also by using the brush rolled on hair.

More details

The e.Cork brushes are semi-hand made using hardwood from non endangered forest treated with natural products to get its brown "mahagony" color. Bristles used are 100% pure boar / first cut, reinforced with carbon-nylon filaments, heat resistant, protecting the hair and scalp.