OVAL Small / MEN Only

OVAL Small / MEN Only

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  • Length: 83 mm. (3,27 in.)
  • Width: 37 mm. (1,45 in.)
  • bristles rows: 5.
  • bristles lenght: 13 mm. (0,51 in.)

Small Oval brush size. Pocket design and easy to carry for your daily use on short to medium beard and moustache lenght hair.

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Benefits: The pure natural boar bristles action promote natural "sebum-regulation" hair and not damage the structure, taking care of the beard and mustache hair much healthier, natural, silky and shiny.

Hand sculpted wooden processes in high-quality hardwood (pearwood), natural oiled finished which offers greater comfort and pleasant feel.

Ingredients: First-cut 100% boar bristles. Pearwood hardwood from non endangeret forest and environmentally-friendly.